Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Forgotten, Underwater World

*All the photos in this article were captured entirely using LG G5 and minor adjustment to the Highlights and Shadows only, in Lightroom*

This once popular tourists attraction was a long forgotten memory for everyone until the huge announcement of its closure after providing 25 years of entertainment and fun. Started in 1991, this got to be the last standing old major attraction in Sentosa Island.

I am not sure if many of you actually realize that the Underwater World had one heck of view just right behind the compound, maybe the drivers would because the carpark is just beside it. Well, if I was one of their residence peacock, I would definitely love to take a walk behind to enjoy the water and a view of the Marina Keppel Bay.
Going back to the main entrance, it is rather weird to find the totally emptied compound because just 1 week before, the whole place was crazily packed. Now, all that remained were the emptied ticketing counter and the entrance.

Speaking of ticketing, after the announcement of its closure, the price of admission per person went back to the original basic $9 per adult. Most people mentioned that they wanted to visit it for the last time before it was gone for good but ironically, if the admission per adult was still $22.90, it would be a different story altogether.

For those who were not able to get tickets due to the super long queue could visit the small viewing gallery just down the stairway outside the main entrance.
One advantage is that I finally got to capture the turtles on video without any distraction.
Even the marine creatures get some needed "holiday" and rest without any human disturbance. Look at this turtle who even found time to pop his head out of the water for some fresh air.
I didn't' get to say goodbye to the marine creatures, but at least their residence peacocks were still there wondering around the compound. 1 of them even dropped a feather for me as a parting gift. Before finally leaving the place, a pair of peacocks gave me another present by posing in front of that fake shark. If only the male peacocks were there.
Every dark cloud has a silver lining, maybe the closure of the Underwater World meant that the marine creatures got to move to a bigger and prettier home.
Those sweet memories of the place when I first visited it over 20 years ago would always be in my heart and this article is just a small tribute to the marine creatures and staff who work their butts off to provide lots of entertainments and fun to the public.

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